NZPETeacher videocasts



Over the next week or so I will be launching a regular videocast. It is something I have considered for a while now and I have been encouraged by the work @Vgoodyear has been doing over at PE & Sport Vlog (check out some of her cool videos!).

The videos will be ramblings with an educational and technology twist to them, and maybe a little bit of PE and Health thrown in for good luck. I am hoping to crank out a new video each month but would prefer to have them out sooner! There will be opportunity to engage with a fantastic educators as the videocasts progress as well.

Anyway, enough chit chat – I need to get the first video sorted. IF you are keep to check it out, make sure you head on over to my YouTube page and subscribe.


International Podcast Day


With all this lovely weather in little old NZ, many of you might have missed it – Today was International Podcast Day! What is IPD you might ask? International Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.

Earlier today Andrew Milne (@carmelhealth) from Illinois (I am a huge Pippen fan if you are reading this Andrew!) got in touch to let me know he had given his latest episode a bit of international flair, with a number of students representing New Zealand! I have to say, the kiwis really demonstrated an insightful and strong understanding of what issues not only affect our students, but those around the world as well.

Click through to check out his podcast and make sure you subscribe of you like what you hear!

My takeaways from Leading a Digital School conference in Melbourne


In the past week I had the pleasure of attending the Leading a Digital School conference in Melbourne, Australia. Not only was it my first international conference, it was also my first taste of Melbourne! I found Melbourne to be a beautiful city that was welcoming to tourists with a city that was easily accessible and affordable. Continue reading

Three takeaways from Interface Xpo in Christchurch today

Was fortunate enough to be away from the terrible Wellington weather today and flew down to Christchurch for the first Interface Xpo. Highlights of the day included the beautiful sun Christchurch put on for us, and also the opportunity to observe some of the ongoing rebuild.

Of course there was a conference to attend as well and below you will find my three best takeaways I found today after the break: Continue reading